Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea

Sea of Black-Eyed Susans

Sea: 3. something likened to the sea especially in vastness <a sea of faces>

I’ve lived near seas at various times in my life, flown over the world’s seas, and dipped my toes in seas. Seas always made me feel at peace while causing contemplation as waves lapped on the shore. The world’s seas’ vastness, whether viewed from shore or from above, made me feel small and lost while also  making me feel part of something larger than myself. I think that’s the great power of seas, their ability to welcome one intimately into their waters while also giving a sense of grandeur that transcends one person’s life or experiences.

I no longer live near seas and rarely encounter them which occasionally makes me sad. Yet a definition of “sea” includes the idea of vastness as indicated in the definition listed above. In that context I experience seas of high prairie flowers, grasses and other vast items that give me a similar feeling as aquatic seas…the feeling that I can interact intimately by smelling a Black-Eyed Susan while at the same time feeling part of a bigger whole represented by vast vistas that stretch beyond my own little world.

You can read more about the photo challenge here:

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