Selfie in snow

Selfie b&w

Selfie b&w

The dreaded selfie. What is it? Does it have value? Is it overused? Should it be avoided at all costs? Is it an art form, or genre? I don’t know the answers to those questions. But I did take a selfie last weekend before this week’s WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie. And last weekend my wife shared this article with me about selfies: Art at Arm’s Length: A History of the Selfie by Jerry Saltz. I don’t know if I agree with Saltz’s conclusions, and I don’t know if selfies are art. I do know they’re not new as my brother was taking selfies in the ’70s with my parents’ film camera. We discovered his photographic shenanigans when pictures of his nose and parts of his head started appearing amongst pictures developed following family vacations. We thought he was weird at the time…now selfies are everywhere.

The selfie at the top of this post is the one I took last weekend in our garden with my Nikon D7100 DSLR, prime lens, set to auto (a heavy camera for taking an arms-length selfie). While the picture includes my face it also holds things back. It’s black & white so you don’t know the color of my clothes or hair (although I can’t disguise the gray). And you generally don’t see my eyes, or my hair style. I like the idea of holding something back when posting my picture to the web.

After lunch today I shoveled snow off our sidewalks and snapped photos with my iPhone 5. At 14 degrees Fahrenheit and wind chill of 0 degrees I didn’t pause long to think of composition. Here are two selfies from today (this time I included color but you don’t see my face…holding something back):


iPhone selfie 1


iPhone selfie 2

I wouldn’t call my selfies works of art but it’s fun to play with cameras in ways I typically don’t consider. But that’s probably enough selfie-taking to last me for a while.

Here are a few other images from my shoveling outing with the iPhone 5:

Your thoughts?

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