After the storm


Dyno Nobel Industrial Plant, Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Wyoming/Colorado region experienced rain/snow/thunder/wind last week. I took a trip to Fort Collins in search of new tech toys yesterday and drove the back roads. The sky was alive as it often is after a storm and I enjoyed its ever-changing presentation as I drove to Fort Collins and back to Cheyenne. A drive like this presents one with a mix of natural beauty and human footprints (industrial and coal plants, windmills, fences, railroads, buildings, irrigation sprinklers, roads, my car, …).


Grazing, Northern Colorado


Railroad/County Road, Northern Colorado


Rawhide Energy Station, Northern Colorado


Country Road, Northern Colorado


Bison Herd, Rawhide Energy Station, Northern Colorado

To read about Rawhide’s bison herds, here’s a description at the company’s website.


Certified Organic Farm, Northern Colorado


Ponnequin Wind Farm, Colorado side of Wyoming/Colorado border


Road to Carr, Colorado


Near Wyoming/Colorado border

2 thoughts on “After the storm

  1. Lovely shots. I particularly love the framing on the wide landscapes – the 1/4 land 3/4 sky makes for a very open and airy feel. might have to try that more often myself


    • Thank you, Charlie. I’m glad you mentioned the “open and airy feel” as that’s part of what I hoped to convey. I look forward to seeing what you come up with as you try it more often yourself.


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