After the storm

Dyno Nobel Industrial Plant, Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Wyoming/Colorado region experienced rain/snow/thunder/wind last week. I took a trip to Fort Collins in search of new tech toys yesterday and drove the back roads. The sky was alive as it often is after a storm and I enjoyed its ever-changing presentation as I drove to Fort Collins and back to Cheyenne. A drive like this presents one with a mix of natural beauty and human footprints (industrial and coal plants, windmills, fences, railroads, buildings, irrigation sprinklers, roads, my car, …).

Grazing, Northern Colorado
Railroad/County Road, Northern Colorado
Rawhide Energy Station, Northern Colorado
Country Road, Northern Colorado
Bison Herd, Rawhide Energy Station, Northern Colorado

To read about Rawhide’s bison herds, here’s a description at the company’s website.

Certified Organic Farm, Northern Colorado
Ponnequin Wind Farm, Colorado side of Wyoming/Colorado border
Road to Carr, Colorado
Near Wyoming/Colorado border

2 thoughts on “After the storm

  1. Lovely shots. I particularly love the framing on the wide landscapes – the 1/4 land 3/4 sky makes for a very open and airy feel. might have to try that more often myself


    1. Thank you, Charlie. I’m glad you mentioned the “open and airy feel” as that’s part of what I hoped to convey. I look forward to seeing what you come up with as you try it more often yourself.


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