Saturday hike in Soapstone Prairie Natural Area

Soapstone 8-16 - 1

I had a nice hike on Saturday with my daughter on trails at Soapstone Prairie Natural Area. The website describes it like this: “Soapstone is extraordinary with over 28 square miles of wide open vistas, nearly pristine grasslands, miles of trails and world-renowned cultural resources. It is truly a place to treasure! Visit Soapstone Prairie to meet the past, enjoy the present and preserve the future.”

Soapstone 8-16 - 3

Soapstone is just south of the Wyoming border in northern Colorado and owned/managed by the City of Fort Collins (kudos to that city). It’s important, in my opinion, to maintain access to open space for all citizens and this space provides respite, natural beauty, and history.


Away from the noise of society, clouds floating overhead provided a tranquil, meditative experience.

Soapstone 8-16 - 4

Although the trail brochures warned of rattlesnakes, we did not encounter a single snake. Fine by me.

Soapstone 8-16 - 5

On this mid-day hike with the temperature in the low 80s, we could see west over the Colorado Rocky Mountains and east over the vast Great Plains of eastern Colorado.

Soapstone 8-16 - 7

On top of a ridge, occasional wind gusts provided natural cooling and we felt thankful.

Soapstone 8-16 - 6

Your thoughts?

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