Saying no to the drivel


With the drivel oozing from DC these days, helped along by deniers of every stripe, I don’t know whether to bury my head in proverbial sand, scream, or drift into contemplation. Lately I’ve unfollowed social media contacts (as I’m sure I’ve been unfollowed), and unfollowed some more, and yet some more. My feeds grow quiet and I’m hearing my own beating heart again. It’s eerie, and unsettling, knowing I’m walking away from long-term connections to save my sanity.

It’s also freeing as my mind and heart expand away from political and religious conflict and into things I’ve laid aside like books, music, art, and contemplation. There’s a danger of becoming disengaged from immediate reality by choosing this contemplative approach, but a quick look at Facebook or news sources quickly lets me know the debacle remains and grows.

I’ve walked away from fights my entire life, clear back to grade school when a kid punched me in the face on the playground trying to provoke a fight. I walked away, and it infuriated him. Did it again in junior high when a kid kicked me in the ribs with his cowboy boot, trying to pick a fight. I walked away again, infuriating the kicker. I had a black eye, bruised ribs, and more to show for those provocations but it’s not in my nature to fight. And that’s what things feel like today even if it’s not yet physical. Fights here, fights there, people provoking one another, spurred on by the bully in chief. I may regret it but I don’t have the stomach to fight. Not now, when emotions are blown up on all sides. Perhaps we’re truly headed to a civil war as some predict (and some seem eager to ignite and wage). I hope not but if it comes I’ll save my energy for that event.

Am I being overly dramatic? A snowflake (to use the too-easy hypocritical insult being thrown about today)? Perhaps. And you know what? I don’t care if you think I’m soft. I’ll leave the fighting and provocation to others, and will seek beauty and peace through contemplation by the lamp light at night, on the sidewalk by morning, and with the light and wind of day. I may fail in my contemplative effort, but it will, if nothing else, reduce the effect of today’s drivel on my mind and soul.

“That pleasure which is at once the most pure, the most elevating and the most intense, is derived, I maintain, from the contemplation of the beautiful.” ~Edgar Allan Poe

Your thoughts?

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