I think often these days about the term “transform” as I work to change my physical and mental being. The term is on my mind as it’s in the name of the gym where I work out, Transform307. It’s also on my mind on holy days like today, Easter, when many celebrate the story of Jesus’s transformation. The term is defined by Merriam-Webster as:

a :  to change in composition or structure
b :  to change the outward form or appearance of
c :  to change in character or condition

To change. To change. To change.

To change is a difficult undertaking and, unless one is divine, does not often occur overnight. Change takes commitment and determination and pain and the letting go of familiar ways. It gets bogged down in the monotony of seeing through the series of daily decisions that, strung together, will take one from ingrained practices or thoughts to something different.

To change is a lonely endeavor that gets derailed in the quiet moments when nobody is watching. It’s easy to make public pronouncements or good decisions when in the company of others or when immersed in the strength that comes from a group moving in the same direction. But lasting change happens in times when, left alone with one’s thoughts and weaknesses, a sense of isolation or despair overwhelms but one discovers and exercises the inner power to forge ahead.

To change is a beautiful endeavor when new patterns of thought and action take root and propel one beyond self-limiting horizons to new ways of looking at and living in the world.


Your thoughts?

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